GenomeGo is working to address the unmet therapeutic challenges in gene editing. Our approach is based on the core principles of innovating and developing the next level of safe and effective treatments for patients with genetic disorders.

Our team excels at correcting genes at the DNA level, and has core strengths to move the field forward and develop new therapies.

GenomeGo is a pioneer in the development of genome editing and is rapidly moving experimental therapies towards the clinic.

Our company’s unique strengths include our modular lipid nanoparticle delivery system and our determined focus on product development.

Each one of us together for patients

We believe our modular approach to selecting our in vivo and ex vivo programs positions us to build a full-spectrum genome editing company, with a pipeline across a range of indications. This approach enables us to generate a wealth of data that opens the potential therapeutic applications of the technology across a broad range of diseases

Multiple genome editing approaches

Genetically driven diseases caused by mutations come in many different forms, ranging from those that reduce or eliminate gene function, to those that direct the production of pernicious or damaging proteins. GenomeGo is applying and optimizing its GenomeGo genome editing platform to address each of these types of mutations.